Whats going on with the blogs!?!

Whats going on with the blogs!?!

This year I ventured into contracted, freelance writing – which has proved excellent fun! This has also whetted my appetite for writing more broadly than simply on youth work and theology.

For instance; did you know I was a raving, left-wing lunatic with a penchant for stuffed animals, superfoods and tech-savvy activism? No? Well we obviously have more to talk about then!

From now on all my youth work blogging will be a curated and collaborative effort at Youth Work

Youth Work Hacks will be a blog as before, but will also include downloadable resources and training opportunities. Some excellent Youth Workers will also start adding to the author list to keep the broad base growing. will revert back to being a self-aggrandising, neo-marxist collection of awe and wonder. Specifically I’ll be writing on philosophy, politics, activism, the class systems, economics and most likely lego.

You will see both a redesign and redistribution of posts over the coming weeks.

Some clumplicated bits.
(That’s like a lump of complication… with an extra C for good measure.)

If you are subscribed to via email, you will continue to receive updates. However, if you signed up for the sole purpose of reading about youth work then I suggest you unsubscribe from that list and then subscribe afresh to Youth Work Hacks – which will work in exactly the same way (and you’ll get a free eBook out of it!).

Here’s a helpful wee link for that:

Thanks for following me on the journey. Please don’t leave me alone to my ramblings, but comment, throw things, share and enjoy! Thanx.

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