‘I Know How You Feel’ Talk, John 1:1-18

A talk I gave at i61 church a few weeks back on Jesus’ incarnation as empathy.

i61 is a great mission-driven church for those who ‘don’t do church’ and promotes ‘down to earth spirituality’ so everything tries to be very accessible to those without a church background – which gives some context to the message.

Big thanks to Rob Bell for the ‘I know how you feel’ paper illustration at the beginning.

‘What do you have in your lunchbox’ – A Recent Talk on Young People and the Church

Hi folks.

This is a recent talk I gave at Surehope Chuch, Old Colwyn. It’s here to address the expectations we have for young people, compared with how God can, does and will use them.

As in everything I say – someone else said it better, earlier – in this case it was Kempton Turner from Children’s Desiring God which you can find here.

p.s. The first 10 minutes or there abouts gives a relatively recent update on what I’m upto in North Wales at the mo.