Puddle lump lives again. Art Blog.


Puddlelump used to be my only blog. It held everything Tim Gough – including all the youth work thoughts on here.

Since kicked off I haven’t had a place to share my art, poetry and photography. This has left a very real hole. So puddlelump is now reborn. will continue to be my main blog – it will continue to feed and share in the youth work world. is there to share the other huge part of my heart: art, music, poetry, spoken word, philosophy, travel and photography.

Of course these will overlap – and should – but at least I’m never stuck needing to separate myself!


‘Mother & Daughter’ – Abstract Art

'Mother & Daughter' - Abstract Art

I was encouraged by an article I read recently that said one of the best ways to grow as an amateur artist is simply share your work openly. So here I go – will, be bobbing a few of these up.

This one was based on a view outside my window every morning last year where our neighbor would hand-in-hand walk her 4/5 year old daughter to school.