Letter to MP regarding Syrian Airstrike Vote

My letter to local Conservative MP, Guto Bebb on the upcoming Syrian Airstrike Vote. I used a template from ‘stop the war,’ checked the info and heavy adapted the content. Was sent to my MP this morning at 8am.

Dear Guto Bebb, MP

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My name is Tim Gough. I’m a resident of Llandudno, 29 years old, a North Wales Charity Director and a Freelance Journalist.

I am writing to ask you to oppose the air strikes in Syria. The Prime Minister wants military action and is planning to bring a vote for such intervention to the House of Commons this Wednesday. His arguments – as I’m sure you’re aware – are shaky and leaky at best.

The terrible attacks which took place in Paris are being presented as a rationale for bombing. Yet there is no evidence that further bombing will defeat ISIS, and there is much evidence that it can make the situation worse. In fact, using the Prime Ministers reasoning we’d be safer at home by bombing cells in France and Belgium – a ludicrous idea!

We should reflect on the consequences of other such interventions. The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya continue, and terrorism has increased in all of those countries in the 14 years since they began. In fact paramilitary groups in those regions are galvanising increased support from locals and are more clearly banding together.

Further, there is no clear European Union plan in place to provide humanitarian assistance to the large number of refugees which will result from further bombing. In fact, the EU refugee plan is unravelling and the approach to refugees is highly fragmented. Nor is there clear United Nations authorisation. Plans for military action largely replace diplomatic efforts and cheapen our role on the world stage.

Finally, it is not possible to direct attacks solely at military targets. Evidence suggests that the vast majority (around 90%) of drone strike victims are unintended and innocent casualties.

It is important that we learn from history. It is now widely accepted that Western interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have had disastrous consequences. There is no reason to think that Syria will be any different.

As my MP, I ask you to stand against this rash and inappropriately reasoned military escalation.

I understand that opposing action and voting no on Wednesday will mean a split with your party, however I ask you to consider objectively the arguments put forth and make a decision with your conscience.

I am not convinced that all other avenues have been explored. The Prime Minister has done nothing to give me confidence in his reasoning.

Thank you for reading and considering this.

Yours sincerely,

Tim Gough